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Leading companies around the world place their trust in us. That’s because we know the markets and choose the right words.

Croatia. Slovenia. Bosnia. Serbia. Macedonia. Montenegro. Romania. Bulgaria. Czech Republic. Slovakia.

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Do you wish to gain access to new target audiences in foreign markets? Or is your company already operating on an international level and you want to connect with your foreign clients in their native language? We would be happy to assist you.

Technical translations

As fast as you develop new products, we will translate your manuals, operating instructions, maintenance instructions, brochures, research reports and much more –into the language your users understand. But not only that …

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Legal translations

Contracts, licenses, general terms and conditions, documents: These all require legally sound translations. It is essential to get the details right, whether it’s a comma, a marked price, or a new legal basis. It’s not worth taking risks ...

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Financial translations

Financial translations are demanding projects. Numerous documents, from corporate budget plans to complex investment decisions, have to be made accessible to the parties concerned in their respective language. This calls for competent and professional translation services.

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Medical translations

When it comes to translating research papers, reports, diagnoses, instructions or indications, every word counts. Without scope for interpretation or compromise. Life is too valuable. Of course we put our hearts, intellect and expertise into it ...

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Software and website localization

To be well received in your target country, you need to meet your users’ needs, customize your website and software, and know your target group’s reading behavior. That’s why we offer much more than just translation ...

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Multilingual SEO

Creating search engine optimized text is a challenging task, especially if it has to be translated into another language! We offer SEO translations that maximize the visibility of your website or your online shop in the global expanse of the World Wide Web.

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Is your text accurate and error-free? Does it appeal to your readers? Is it clear and concise? Does the translation correspond to the content and style of your usual communication? Does it meet your standards and those of your audience? We are critical, because we live in your target country ...

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Terminology Solutions

We want your customers to take you by your word. It is important that your concepts, attributes, messages, consistency, specialist terminology and nuances do not get lost in translation. That’s why we take you by your word ...

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Communication works best face-to-face. If you don’t feel comfortable in the target language, we are there to help you – with straightforward, precise and fast support. As a mediator between cultures, we are able to read between the lines, understand expressions and gestures ...

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Additional Services

International language services are much more than pure translation. As a specialist in Southeast Europe, we offer technically and organizationally sophisticated services for these markets ...

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Why Translatus?

Native speakers and target country principle

Our translators, editors, proofreaders and other language experts live in Southeast European countries, in other words where your customers are. We know from experience that only native speakers are familiar with the local intricacies, customs and idiosyncrasies, understand nuances and cultural innuendos. We want you to make an impact. And we want you to know that you will be well received, appreciated and understood.

Certified quality

We fulfil the highest proven quality standards. Similar to leading agencies around the world, we are already certified according to the latest ISO 17100 standard. We also passed the mandatory new certification procedures with flying colors. This means that all of our language experts, translators and proofreaders are selected in accordance with strict requirements and undergo continuous quality checks. As the only globally valid quality management standard for translation services, ISO 17100 provides a standardized structure for multilingual documentation.

Specialized translators

All of our employees are highly qualified experts in their areas of expertise as physicians or engineers, biologists or lawyers, for example. Not only that, they also speak perfect English – as well as their own native language of course. All of our language experts have university degrees and substantiated expertise in their specific subjects. We control the quality of all of our translations.

Native speakers and target country principle

Our translators, editors, proofreaders and other language experts live in Southeast European countries, in other words where your customers are. We know from experience that only native speakers are familiar with the local intricacies, customs and idiosyncrasies, understand nuances and cultural innuendos. We want you to make an impact. And we want you to know that you will be well received, appreciated and understood.


Trust is a matter of course for us: We treat your information with the strictest confidentiality and do not pass it on to third parties. To this end, all staff at Translatus Language Services sign comprehensive non-disclosure agreements.

Processes and punctual delivery

You can rest assured that from accepting your request to exchanging data and delivering the finished service, we have a straightforward workflow in place that functions smoothly. You can also request a quote from us online via our request form or client login with Plunet BusinessManager. We coordinate your project meticulously, plan it down to the last detail and regularly control the results. We work with state-of-the-art IT and translation technology, CAT tools as well as quality assurance and project management software.
This means that we meet the agreed deadlines and always deliver on time. For us, that goes without saying. After all, you are working with professionals.

Competitive prices

You may be used to paying an agency fee. Not with Translatus. As a language service provider, we offer the same services as agencies in West European countries. But because our services cost less in Southeast Europe, you pay us less. Of course we guarantee the highest quality standards. That means you get tangible financial benefits while enjoying transparent services and costs at all times.
It goes without saying that we are a financially reliable service provider with an AAA creditworthiness rating from Bisnode.


Translatus only works with native speakers who hold a university degree or professional qualification in their area of specialization. These translators are able to translate your texts with linguistic finesse and precision. In order to meet this high standard we set for ourselves, we focus exclusively on Slavic and southeastern European languages. We would rather concentrate on a few areas in which we can guarantee top quality than offer a broad spectrum of services with promises we may not be able to keep. With us, you can rest assured that your translation will be nothing less than perfect.

Areas of Specialization

Fields covered by our comprehensive range of services:



Agricultural Machinery

The Building Industry


Information Technology


Transport & Logistics

The Consumer Goods Industry

Medical and Pharmaceutical


Finance & Banking




What our customers say

“We have been using Translatus Langue Services for many years, and they are providing excellent service to us. Both their customer care as well as the quality of their translations are outstanding.”

Božena Brnas, Philips d.o.o., Croatia

"Thank you very much for the pleasant and long lasting cooperation! The feedback is quick and the quality of the work is exquisite."

Stephanie Pauli, SLP Texting, Kulmbach/Germany

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